Jadeite Jade Value

1. Investment and collection value
Since ancient times, there is an old saying of collecting precious gold in troubled times but jadeite in flourishing era. The price of jadeite has appreciated 300 times in 20 years.
2. Moral value
The characters of gentlemen are as jadeite in Chinese traditional moral value. jadeite is the quality of human morality and personality. It symbolizes benevolence, righteousness, wisdom, bravery and cleanliness.
3. The aesthetics of arts value
jadeite has the highest artistic value of all stones and it is popular around the world. It can be manufactured in various kinds of forms including statues, accessories, display decorations, containers, etc.
4. Practicality value
jadeite is the essence of Sun and Moon. Its value is enormous and can be utilized in many ways bearing the core meaning of jadeite.
5. Research value
China has thousands years of cultural development and history. jadeite is the most complete and precious archaeological heritage found in the modern era.
6. Reserve asset value
According to the history of Chinese asset, jadeite has the highest money value; gold is in the middle while knife has the lowest.
7. Religion value
Regardless of Taoism, Confucianism and Buddhism, jadeite is considered as a blessing to safety to people. They wear The Goddess of Mercy and Buddha in jadeite.
8. Etiquette value
jadeite bracelet is the most elegant gift of all. There is a Chinese saying that Gold can be counted with price yet jadeite is beyond price.
9. Health protection value
jadeite has been proven to lay benefits to physical fitness. It can prevent high blood pressure, stroke and invigorate the blood circulation. Compendium of Materia Medica records that jadeite is good for stomach, respiratory system, lung, vocal cords, hair, heart, liver, spleen, and kidney.
10. The uniqueness value
Every jadeite is special and unique. The source of jadeite is rare. It is mysterious yet beautiful.