About Us

As a wholesaler based in the cradle of jadeite in GuangDong province China, we are committed to directly selling natural jadeite products from China’s jadeite wholesale market to the rest of the world at a reasonable price.

All jadeite products being sold on our website are ensured to be the 100% natural jadeite from Burma without any artificial processing. Meanwhile, we provide the Burma natural jadeite product certificate issued by the Chinese germ institution. Some red jadeite products undergoing heating will be specially marked. The heating processed red jadeite, if passing the test of China’s national test institution, can obtain the natural jadeite product certificate.

Our business started in 2016 .  When we appeared as a credible seller of natural jadeite on Facebook, our reliable service won us a large number of loyal fans. Thanks to consistent support of our consumers, our business has been expanding smoothly.

As the reputation of our Facebook store reaches more potential consumers, we have the confidence to set up our own online shopping website. In order to facilitate consumers’ purchase of our jadeite products, we have launched our website in 2018, sincerely hoping that consumers can buy Burma natural jadeite at the most competitive price.